The Effects of Poor Dental Heath on Your Body

Posted on Jan 21, 2015 by Jeffrey S. Kearney DDS

Periodontal Disease

Healthy and supportive bone surrounding teeth is damaged by periodontal bacteria resulting in loosening teeth. Left untreated these teeth will be lost.


Halitosis is usually the first sign of an unhealthy mouth.  Halitosis is often caused by poor oral hygiene.  Lack of brushing and flossing leave food particles that collect bacteria. The bacteria emit chemicals like hydrogen sulfide- the same compound that makes eggs and your breath stink.

Heart Disease

People with periodontal disease are 2x more likely to develop heart disease.  When periodontal bacteria and plaque enter the blood stream through the gums that bacteria causes arterial narrowing. One study indicated that a mouth with the presence of gum disease, cavities and missing teeth are as reliable at predicting heart disease as cholesterol levels.


95% of adults in the US with diabetes also have periodontal  disease.  And of those people 1/3 have advanced periodontal disease leading to a loss of teeth. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Men with periodontal disease are 7x more likely to experience erectile dysfunction that a man with a healthy mouth.  The reason for that is when periodontal bacteria enters your blood stream it causes inflammation in the blood vessels.  This inflammation restricts blood flow throughout the body including the genitals.

Respiratory Problems

Periodontal bacteria can travel through the blood and settle in the lungs where it can aggravate the respiratory system, especially in patients with preexisting respiratory issues.


Periodontal bacteria in high levels can lead to atherosclerosis- a hardening of the carotid artery increasing the risk of stroke.

The best way to keep your mouth healthy is to bush at least 2x a day and floss every day along with regular dental check-ups twice a year. 

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