Headed to The Dentist? RELAX!

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 by Jeffrey S. Kearney DDS

Dental Anxiety Facts:

Did you know 9-20% of Americans are afraid to go to the dentist? And that women are twice as likely to have dental anxiety than men? For those with dental phobia, however, the thought of a dental visit is terrifying.

Dental Anxiety Causes:

There are many different causes of dental anxiety. Some of those causes include fear of pain or a previous unpleasant dental experience.  Some patients struggle with the feeling of  loss of control in the dental chair. And for some patients a fear of needles or worrying that the anesthetic may stop working keeps them from needed treatment.  We understand that for some even calling the office for an appointment is difficult.  But we can help.

Help for Your Dental Anxiety:

  • Our office offers an experienced dentist and staff to provide high quality compassionate care.

  • Oral and inhalation sedation options to help you relax during your treatment.

  • State of the art technology and training provide you with the most up to date information and treatment options.

  • Comfort during the appointment, relax, lean back and enjoy watching your very own ceiling mounted flat screen TV.

  • In office insurance and appointment coordinators take the guess work out of insurance and payment options.


If coming to the dentist is a struggle for you, please allow us to show you that fear does not have to keep you from having a healthy and beautiful smile.  Call the office today for a comprehensive exam and begin your journey to a happy mouth.